How To Keep Your Aquarium Healthy And Safe From The Harmful Effects Of Climate Change And Other Environmental Factors

Marine fish require stricter water quality parameters. The best way to make aquarium maintenance easy is to plan ahead. The first time you set up your aquarium correctly will make a significant difference to your maintenance routine. Put it on the calendar and don't skip any tasks! Heated saltwater aquariums will lose water due to evaporation. To correct this, you will need to add heated FRESHWATER regularly. Make sure your salinity stays in the correct range using a hydrometer. Never rinse your filter media in freshwater. You may lose the beneficial bacteria it contains. You can reuse most filter media unless it is falling apart. Never replace all your filter materials at the same time, or else you will lose all beneficial bacteria. If you keep saltwater fish, you may need a way to collect or make saltwater. You don’t have access to a supply of ready-made seawater, so you will have to make your own. Start with tap, well or RO water. Maintaining good water quality is essential to all aquariums. Scrubbing your glass or acrylic aquarium walls with an appropriate scrubber daily will help remove the algae build up. High phosphate and nitrate levels are not happy when cold. They will easily sicken and die. Most marine fish feedings are done as a broadcast. Check water temperature daily to make sure the heaters are working correctly. Use feeding time to evaluate your fishes' appearance and behavior. Marine invertebrates, such as corals, should also be evaluated every day. If you have an animal of concern, contact your local aquatic veterinary hospital for more assistance. Some aquarium owners will leave pictures of their individual fish with their favorite hiding places. Fish in hospital systems are usually more stressed out. Give them places to hide. Any fish showing active signs of disease should be moved to quarantine if you can catch them with low stress. All new additions must complete a thorough quarantining. . . .

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