Do Chameleons Make Good Pets? When You Are Ready To Bring Your Chameleon Home, It Is A Good Idea To Have Habitat Misted And To Have Fresh, Gut

Chameleons have unique and specific requirements for their habitat and care. They are also very stressed. With patience and planning, the first 30 days with your chameleon will go as smoothly as possible. Do Chameleon Make Good Poes? When you are ready to bring your chamelleon home, it is good to have the habitat misted and to have fresh, gut-loaded food ready. Do not be surprised if your Chameleon hides or lacks color. These reptiles do not acclimate to change easily. Give them time. At this stage, you may want to start hand-feeding to build trust. Be sure to hold your hand at a comfortable distance from your chamelon. Eventually, your chleon will learn that your presence means food, not danger. Chamelons are really good pets to start with. They can be solitary creatures that do not enjoy large amounts of handling. With preparation and patience, we can make this experience as stress free as possible . Reptiles & Amphibians is CNN's weekly, offbeat look at the world around us. This week, we look at our world of reptiles and amphibibians. Visit the website/Reptiles and Amphibian for a new gallery of photos . .

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