Sugar Gliders: What You Need To Know About These Adorable Marsupials

(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/sugar glider facts-1237340_v2-614ac972cd864b7b850cf8758ebebf23. jpg) Sugar gliders are found in the rainforests gliding from tree to tree. They are found all over Australia, Papua New Guinea, Tasmania, and parts of Indonesia.

Sugar glider illustration

They can be long-term pets and live 12 to 15 years in the wild. They rarely touch the ground. Sugar Gliders are marsupials. This means the young are born very immature. They grow in a pouch for 60 to 70 days on the mother's abdomen. They have furry, thin, stretchy, mucous membranes that extend from their wrists to their ankles. They need companionship. Humans cannot offer the same type of companionship and socialization that other sugar gliders can provide to each other. Always keep more than one glider, if not several, in a flight cage. Sugargliders have a variety of diseases that can affect them. Metabolic bone disease due to inappropriate nutrition, injuries from getting stuck and gliding, diarrhea from eating too much fruit, dental disease, and parasites are all common in a pet sugar glider. For more information on pet sugar Gliders, visit here. . . .

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