How To Care For A Chameleon In Your Home (And How To Keep It Healthy)

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc() / Getty Images-1198452765-f36923ed093-e0aeb60ba34d42fb5e. jpg) Chameleons are captivating creatures that can change color, move their eyes independently of each other, and catch prey with their long, sticky tongues. Chameleon have a unique habitat and feeding requirements that make them more difficult to care for than other small or exotic pets.

Chameleon sleeping on a branch

Chamelleons eat a diet of live gut-loaded bugs. Regular misting is needed to make sure that your chameleon is properly hydrated. They drink from water droplets that condense on leaves.

Chameleon eating a cricket

They must be as close to their natural habitat as possible. Chamedleon are solitary animals that do not like much handling or company. Males can be very vocal about disliking a situation. Learning a chameleon's habits and nature can help you properly read signs of distress or happiness. A Good Cage Cleaning Routine is Required for a Chamelleon .

Close up of a chameleon on a woman's hand

To keep your chamelleon healthy and happy, there are simple cleaning habits that can be done daily. There are also deeper cleanings weekly and yearly. For daily cleaning, a simple spot clean is best. . .

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