This Week'S Reptiles & Amphibians Takes Us To The World Of Reptiles And Amphibians

Any licensed veterinary animal can be treated like a chameleon. Not all veterinarians are comfortable doing so. Different species get different diseases and benefit from different medications. You cannot treat a pig the same way you treat a cat, or a chamleon the way you treated a cow. The same Vet who sees your dogs and cats may also see chameleons. You will need to ask them to be sure. The Association of Amphibian and reptile ABVP specialists has a simple to use search engine on their website. It lists the members of their association near your address. Find out if other doctors at the practice or at other clinics nearby are willing to see reptiles in the event they are unavailable. If medications are needed, be sure to discuss how they are to be administered. This should make things as stress-free as possible. Reptiles & Amphibians is CNN's weekly, offbeat look at the world around us. This week, we look at a new gallery of photos. . . .

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