Spot Algae Is A Common Type Of Algae That You May See In Your Freshwater Home Aquarium

Spot algae is a common type of algae that you may see in your aquarium. The usual causes are excess light and excess nutrients. Spot algae are seen as circular, thin, bright green spots that stick strongly to the surface of glass and other hard surfaces. Regular tank cleaning and water changes are the best preventative measures. Spot green algae can only be removed mechanically. Scraping with a razor blade is very effective on glass tanks. Increase phosphate dosing slightly in your estimative index (EI) fertilizer regime. Use 0. 3 milliliters of enema per 10 litre. Estimative Index is a simple method for providing nutrients for a planted tank. EI is simply introducing a slight excess of nutrients within an aquarium throughout the week and at the end of the week doing a good-sized water change (such as 50 percent). . . .

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