Colombian Tegus: How To Keep Your Pet Safe And Healthy In Your Pet'S Cage

Colombian tegus are native to the South American country of Colombia. They can also be found throughout the Amazon basin. Their home is hot and humid because they live near the equator. They enjoy eating almost anything they can find including insects and rodents. With regular handling, Colombian tegas can be content to hang out with their owners. Colombian tegu grow to be over three feet long. They need a large enough enclosure to keep them safe and keep them warm. A minimum of six feet by three feet is recommended for most teguses that also need time to exercise. Tegus should always be dusted with a reptile calcium and vitamin D3 supplement. Some owners use large plastic storage containers to hold the prey items. Then they put their tegu in that containers to eat. Tegu love eggs but these should be given as treats. Use a combination of ceramic heat emitters, basking lights, and full-spectrum lighting. A ceramic heat emitter or night heat lamp that gives off a purple or red glow to heat the enclosure at night. A thermometer should be placed inside the cage to monitor these temperatures. Colombian Tegus can be strong and aggressive. Be sure you're up to the task before taking one in. A sick tegu may have dry patchy skin, swelling around its nasal passages, and unusual bumpy limbs. Calcium and phosphorus deficiencies are common in tegu. . . .

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