This Week'S Reptiles & Amphibians Gallery: A Look At The World Of Reptiles And Amphibians

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-539419076-7afdb57cf0094ac5a474d8c895f87467. jpg) Chameleons are very skilled at hiding their illness. Seeing signs of sickness shows weakness to predators.

Chameleon looking at a cricket up close.

It puts them at a higher risk of being eaten. Inappetance is a key indicator that any pet may be sick. It can be more difficult to notice when a chameleon isn't eating. Chameleon may have a favorite spot or two in its enclosure. If it's spending time in an unusual area like the bottom of its cage, this could indicate it is unwell. Dehydration, skin issues, a low body temperature, lack of UVB rays, malnutrition, stress, and other things can cause a chleon to have a color change.

Chameleon, Chamaeleonidae, sitting in terrarium

(Chameleon should defecate regularly). Abnormal or Absent Fecal Matter can be a sign of illness. Medications, fluid therapy, or other treatments may be necessary. ) Reptiles and Amphibians is CNN's weekly, offbeat look at the world around us.

Close up of a chameleon head.

This week, we look at a new gallery of photos.


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