How To Stop Kitten Scratching And Biting And How To Get Rid Of This Behavior In Your Child'S Hands (And Pet)

Kittens often scratch and bite while playing. They become overexpited. This behavior is natural to cats. It is not a sign of dislike or fear. Find out why your cat might be scratching and bite and how to resolve this behavioral issue. In most cases, it's fairly easy to train cats and avoid this behavior. Kittens are common if you or your children thought the behavior was fun when the cat was small. It's also very important to not allow them to bite or scratch at any age. Don't use cat toys for your fingers when playing. Yell "Ouch" loud and clearly. Trim the Claws. Do not use scissors. Instead, purchase a clipper designed for cats. Also, don't use sharp, human nail clippers. You can either leave the room or take your kitten to a small quiet room. :max _bytes(150000):strip_iccio/catwithcattoyAnnieOtzen-5c3a4936c9e77c0001bc8ef8.

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jpg) Give your citten 15 minutes of active play several times a day with an interactive toy. A scratching post (or two) is a positive addition to your home. You could try both horizontal and vertical posts and ones with different colors to find the type your cat likes best. If you and your family have tried these techniques and your cat still scratches or bite, it is time to speak with a Vet or get the help of a feline behavior specialist. These experts can often come to your house, see how the situation is manifesting and offer concrete tips and solutions for your specific cat, situation and lifestyle. . .

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