'Roll Over' Is A Fun Trick To Teach Your Dog, Learn How To Sit And Lie Down On Command

"Roll over" is a fun and funny trick to teach your dog. Before you start, your dog should already be able to sit and lie down on command. Practice the trick in a soft, comfortable area that will keep your dog relaxed and where you can return. Start training your dog to roll over by giving it the "down" command. Hold a treat by its nose and then pull the treat towards its shoulder. Your dog should turn its head to follow the treat. If it doesn't complete the full roll, praise the dog, or give a treat to your dog's shoulder. The treats only give for head turns. Some dogs catch on quickly. They roll over immediately. Add the Roll Over Command once your dog is consistently rolling all the way over. Make sure your dog knows training is just fun and games. To keep training sessions upbeat, keep them short and upbeat. The training sessions that are too long tend to become hard for both you and your dog. . . .

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