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(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/exotic petnames-b-1236929-v1-9123b51eb32b4475a2bb684c208875b1. jpg) Exotic pets are typically classified as any animal outside of cats, dogs, and domesticated farm animals. Some people choose a name based on their pet’s appearance.

silhouette illustrations of different exotic pets and names written on top of them

For example, Blizzard for a white pet rabbit. Others go with a name that alludes to the animal’re environment, such as Bubbles for a pet fish. Some exotic pets live only for a few years on average. Others, like parrot and tortoises, live for decades. You may want to pick a name for your pet for their entire lifespan. Babe, Baby, Baby Bogey, Bogey Boogie, Boogie Boogie and Boogie are just a few of the exotic pet names. Exotic Pet Names That Start With 'C' and 'D' or 'E' are also available. . . .

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