Argentine Black And White Tegs: What You Need To Know About This Species Of Lizard (And Other Reptiles) From The Experts At Boing Boing

Argentine black and white tegus are sometimes called black and black tegs. These lizards come from Argentina and other parts of South America. Despite their large size, Argentine black and whites have a reputation for being more docile. Argentine teguses are big and need large and secure enclosures. Juvenile tegas can be kept in a large glass aquarium with a locking lid. Adults will need a larger specialty terrarium or a custom-built cage. Unlike other lizards, higher cages are not necessary for tegum. Argentine black-and-whites are diurnal (active during the day) so they need exposure to full-spectrum UVA, and light like the sun. Adult daytime temperatures should be between 80 and 85 degrees. A basking spot between 100 and 110 degrees is expected. A sick tegu may have dry patchy skin, swelling around its nasal passages, and unusual bumpy limbs. If its eyes are cloudy or it seems lethargic, these may be signs of a sick lizard. The most serious disease that affects Argentine black or white tegs is metabolic bone disease. . . .

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