Sexing Hamsters Can Be Difficult If You Don'T Have Both Male And Female Hamsters For Comparison, But Here'S What You Need To Know

(Images-931251350-5c4bfd30c9e77c00014af9f8. jpg) Sexing hamsters can be difficult, especially if they are young or you don't necessarily have both male and female hamsters for comparison. The basic differences are similar for all hamsters.

Holding hamster to show its belly

Each species has different characteristics or features that can help in sex identification. Female Syrian hamsters have fairly obvious breasts. They appear in two rows running parallel to, and along the sides of, the belly. The back end of the male tends to be elongated and rounder in appearance. ![A white face roborovski dwarf hamster - Cheerios(pet\\\) .

Female Syrian hamster with raspberry in hand

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