Search And Rescue Dogs Are Life

Search and rescue dogs are trained to react in crisis situations. They are also known as life-saving canines. SAR dogs are working dogs that are prepared to assist in emergencies in any environment, from the wilderness to the city. There are many documented instances of search and rescue dog in history. During World War II, they were used to help search for people buried in the ruins of houses after air raids. A global team of search dogs was formed after an earthquake in Armenia in 1988. Dogs must be strong, strong, and agile to hold or drag objects, including humans. They have to be laser- focused and very motivated. They must be able to balance themselves while walking on beams or other unstable footing. They can also be able jump through windows and perform other highly athletic, and often dangerous, physical stunts. These dogs are first trained in basic obedience (they must master classic commands such as sit and come, stay, and heel). . .

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