How To Help Your Dog Sleep In The Dark: 7 Signs Your Dog Is Not Comfortably Sleeping In The Dark

Dogs are descendants of wolf.


They are den animals. They are drawn to small, dark spaces where they can feel safe and secure. For many dogs, this is still present. They will often choose to sleep in a dark, secluded place. Dogs are creatures of habit. They like to know what to expect when the lights go out at night. For most dogs, sleeping in the dark is natural and comfortable. For some dogs, darkness can be a trigger for anxiety. If your dog seems restless or has trouble sleeping, it might be worth trying to leave a light on. Some dogs prefer to sleep in the dark. Watch out for these signs that they’re not comfortable sleeping in the dark. Leaving a light on can help but it is still important to address the root of the problem. Here are some reasons for your dog's dislike. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety often have trouble sleeping when they are left alone. Some dogs are afraid of the dark because they have had a bad experience in the dark. They may have been left outside in the dark during a storm or lost in the woods. A dog's ability to stay calm in the dark is not just a matter of comfort.

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Safety is a matter of safety. If your dog is afraid of the dark, they’re more likely to hurt themselves, try to escape, or become aggressive. Associate darkness with comfort by giving your dog a comforter or crate to sleep in.

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Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise during the day so they’re ready to sleep when it’s time for bed. You can schedule an evening walk or playtime right before the lights go out. A dog's dislike to the dark can be caused by an underlying health condition.


If your dog is suddenly scared of the dark, it’s a good idea to take them to the vet to rule out any medical issues. Your vet may also be able to prescribe medication. The Sleep Foundation gives advice on how much sleep dogs should be allowed to have. For more information, visit: www. sleepfoundation. org/Animals-and-Sleep/how-to-eat-dogs-sleep. html. .

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