How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of A Skunk In Your Pet'S Face

Curious pets allowed in rural areas may stick their nose where they don't belong. Skunks do turn up in more urban settings. They can be attracted to pet food left outside or even sneak inside through pet doors. A direct hit in the face with a skunk's pungent defense can cause temporary blindness. A skunked pet needs a bath. There are several home remedies you can try or commercial products made for skunk odor removal. Massengill brand douche is often used to get rid of skunk odors. You can also use chemistry to neutralize the odor. Wear comfortable, disposable shoes, old clothes and gloves. Most times, a regular pet grooming oil won’t do the trick. If you pick up commercial products from pet stores, those formulas can work well. Check the eyes and flush them with sterile contact lenses and saline solution. Skunks give a fair warning with tapping feet, turning around, and holding the tail high. But this elevated tail ready to launch its smelly cargo sends mixed signals to pets. Pups speak a different language and fail to understand the skunk’s warning. . . .

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