Fish Bowls Are A Poor Choice For A Fish Pet

Fish Bowls are a poor choice for a fish pet. Lack of Nitrogen Cycling requires a place for beneficial bacterial bacteria to grow. Bacteria can also grow in the aquarium substrates, which many bowls have. The bacteria requires aeration through water movement, which does not exist in bowls. Fish living in bowls are often subject to extreme changes in water quality. The biggest risk in doing this is a sudden change in the water pH. This can cause serious health issues and even death for your fish. In any aquarium or fish bowl, frequent partial water changes are necessary. Bowls can be very small, making the water very susceptible to varying environmental temperatures. Most small bowls do not have room for an aquarium, so there is no way to keep the water consistently at the proper temperature. It can be a problem for temperate fish. If you want to live in a house with air conditioning, heat and ventilation, and proper bathrooms, why not live in it? Guess what? So would your fish . The Elevator Scenario . New fish will undergo "New Tank Syndrome. " New bacterial colonies are created to perform the nitrogen cycle. It will take 4-6 weeks to complete this transition. If your fish have spent their life in a bowl, they are completely naïve about the value of a properly filtered aquarium. Do not be surprised if they hide for a few days. Once they get used to their new environment, they will start to come out and explore. . . .

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