Duncan Corals: What You Need To Know About This Marine Life

Duncan coral (Duncanopsammia axifuga) is a large polyp stony coral. They are common in aquacultured assortments. Duncan corals are known by their disc-shaped body, and short purple/green appendages. They get along well with many other corals and other invertebrates. They do not have natural defenses that may harm fish. This means their tube homes may be eaten by aggressive tank mates. Duncan coral can easily spread throughout your aquarium. As with all live aquatic species, corals can carry bacteria and viruses. Buy your corals from trusted dealers who use safe breeding techniques. Duncan reefs are on the low to moderate spectrum for coral lighting. You may have to adjust them up or down depending on setup. If your coral doesn't like where they are placed in your tank, they may make a change themselves. Test your nitrate and phosphate levels to make sure they are within the correct ranges. Soft corals have fewer requirements than hard or stony corals. . . .

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