How To Keep Your Cat Safe From Eating Toxic Plants And Other Food Items

Some human food and houseplants are safe for cats to chew on. However, many can be toxic. Some toxic items like lily plants, antifreeze, and NSAIDs (like ibuprofen or aspirin) can cause renal failure. There are injectable medications that your cat can give to induce vomiting. Only 60-75% of cats will throw up with medication. Veterinarians tend to induce cat vomiting far less often in cats than in dogs. If you suspect your cat has ingested a toxin, it is less likely to be successful. If it has been more than two or three hours since you saw your cat at a sewing needle or sewing thread, you do not want to make them throw up. Sewing thread has a nasty habit of getting partly stuck in a cat's intestines. Cats with shorter snouts should not be made to eat. There is an increased risk for aspiration of stomach contents. If your cat aspirates on her own feces, she may come down with something called aspiration pneumonia. . . .

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