Fish-Only Aquariums: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Tank Looking Fresh And Healthy (And Fish-Friendly) - Wave3

Fish-only aquariums often have algae and detritus eating crustaceans and snails. These animals are only included if they are compatible with the types of fish you are keeping. Good mechanical infiltration is essential for a Fish Only tank. No daylight, actinic, 50/50, and other standard fluorescent bulbs can be used on a fish-only tank. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/colorful-fish-aquarium-136629622-5c3b7c78c9e77c9c0001cb18dc. jpg) When starting out with a fish/only aquarium, it is a good idea to design your set up with the thought in mind that you may convert the aquarium into a live rock or a tank system in the future. By choosing to upgrade your filt, you save money. .

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