How To Keep Your Aquarium Clean And Algae

Algae can grow on many surfaces of your tank. This includes your decor, plants, and gravel substrates. The most common cause of algae on aquarium gravel is lack of proper maintenance. Extended light periods can affect algae levels. Some fish have a different tolerance to high nitrate levels. Many fish tolerate very high levels, while others cannot tolerate much at all. Phosphate can be more difficult to remove. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-1024764236-5c255193c9e77c000116ba62. jpg) Always keep up with your regular tank maintenance. Use a gravel hat to turn over your substrates . Test your water chemistry regularly to make sure your nitrate and phosphate levels are not making the algae problem worse. The fluorescent lights in your aquarium do not treat any parasites or bacteria affecting your fish.

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