Classic Dog Names That Will Make Your Dog Happy And Stay With You

Buddy is a versatile name that can be used for any breed of dog. Lady is a time-test favorite. Tramp was made famous by the classic Lady and the Tramp movie. For a boy dog and name him Tramp, get a dog named Tramp. Lassie is a Scottish term for 'young girl. ' But thanks to the classic TV series, it became synonymous with a collie that always saved its young master from trouble. Spot is one of those classic dog names that roll off the tongue easily and won’t be hard to remember or easy to forget. If serendipity brought your pooch into your life, Chance is a classic dog name. Gidget is a play on the words 'girl' and 'midget'. Sparky is a popular name for dogs that bring energy to a room. Scooter works for any type of dog, large and small. . . .

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