How To Determine What Is In Your Tap Water And How To Keep It Safe For Your Fish (And Your Wallet)

Chlorine is a gas that is dissolved into the tap water to kill microorganism. Many municipal water treatment plants have switched to chloramine. The chlorine needed to successfully treat public water sources is high enough to be lethal to your fish. Expose the water to the open air for 24 hours. It will become chlorine free. Chloramine is a combination of ammonia and chlorine. The ammonia binds to the chlorine gas to keep it in solution longer. Not all aquarium water treatment products will neutralize chloramine . Those that claim they do aren't always fully effective in getting the job done. The most direct way to determine what is in your tap water is to call your water company and ask what they use to treat the municipal water supply. Be aware that the city water supply company may change water sources and chemical additives at a different time of the year depending on water temperature. . . .

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