Tsa Service Dogs For Airport Security Are Out Of Adoption, But Are You Interested In Adopting A Dog? Here'S What You Need To Know About It

The TSA is always training new service dogs to take on the important tasks of looking for explosives at U. S. airports. As of 2022, the TSA will not accept new applications for adoption. This is due to an already extensive waiting list and a limited number of available dogs. Most adoptable dogs are young (about two to four years old) and older dogs are less commonly available through the program. Only seven breeds of canines are entered into the program . These include German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, German Short-Haired pointers and American retrievers. The age of children in the home will be considered when choosing a dog. If you live in a condor in the city or have young kids, it's unlikely that you will be approved to adopt through the dog program. The TSA has about 160 dogs and pups trained for explosives detection. All adoptions are handled out of Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, Texas. Dogs cannot be returned to the training center once they're adopted, so the airport will work with you. . . .

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