Top 10 Star Wars Dog Names For Your Dog (And Your Puppy) That Are Adorable, Cool, And Will Make Your Dog Look Like A Star Wars Star Wars Star

There are 12 movies, four TV series, and many comics, books, and merchandise. We narrowed it down to the best names for some of our favorite characters. If your dog lean towards the dark side, name him after the baddest guy of them all. Tips for Naming your dog or dog . Stick to names that are one to two syllables and contain hard consonants. Avoid names that could be confused with a command. Instead choose a name that suits your dog's personality or appearance. Dog names inspired by Star Wars cast members, space ships and vehicles. Star Wars characters like Wookiee, Ewok, Porg, and Taun(taun) are just some of the nice creatures in the Star Wars series. We think these would make great, totally unique names for any dog. . . .

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