Senegal Chameleons: What You Need To Know About The Pet Reptile

Senegal chameleons are one of the four most popular species of pet chameleon. They are native to West Africa. They can grow up to eight inches long. They live up to five years. However, females who lay several eggs may not live as long. Senegal chamelet is a sensitive reptile. Its environment needs to be just right. A mesh or screened enclosure is the best option for your pet. Chameleon drink their water from leaves, not from a bowl. A 29-gallon tank is usually recommended. Your Senegal chamelleon should have both heat lights and a full spectrum light. A special light that increases metabolism, appetite, activity, and synthesizes Vitamin D3 which is crucial in the calcium absorption process for your chameal. It is a substitute for the invisible rays that the sun normally gives a chameon. Senegal Chamelet likes to eat crickets, mealworms, and other insects. It catches its prey by shooting its long tongue out of its mouth. A healthy chameelleon that focuses on catch its food will successfully catch the insect in nine out of ten attempts. It's not possible to know what parasites or other potential hazards a wild-caught variety may have been exposed to. If it refuses food, this could be an indication that it is not healthy. Senegales chamellons are prone to different types of health issues. Most of these illnesses can be treated successfully if caught early. If your chleon seems unwell or is acting strangely, don't hesitate to consult a veterinary professional. If you are concerned about the health of your chamedleon, contact the National Museum of Natural History in Senegal on 0204 615 4157. . . .

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