How To Train A Puppy To Come When Called (Video)

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/train a puppy to come when called is a basic command that all dogs should learn. It not only promotes polite behavior, but it can save your life. A recall when called allows owners to prevent trouble even from a distance.

An illustration showing how to teach a puppy to come

Find a time when the kids aren’t around, the house is quiet, and any other pets are taking a nap. Avoid distractions. The dog has only you to pay attention to. Praise your dog for being such a smart doggy. Say your dog's name and add “come!” and show the toy or treat. Practice “Come” in new places, not just in the living room. After a week, try the exercise while standing still. Increase the difficulty. Puppies refuse to come home when called for several reasons. One of the most common training mistakes is to punish the dog when it finally does come, no matter how long it takes to respond. A great way to communicate with your poodle is to train him or her with clicks. . Watch Now: All you need to know about Puppies . Follow CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter @CinemaRescue on Twitter and Instagram. . . .

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