Poison Ivy Is A Common Plant Known To Cause Allergic Reactions In Many People

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/poison-ivy-58f87fb95f9b581d5921e703. jpg) Poison ivy is a common plant known to cause allergic reactions in many people. Dogs can easily be exposed to poison ivy, but it may not affect them the same way it affects people.

Poison Ivy

A dog's coat may act as a barrier to protect the skin from urushiol, the nasty oil/sap found in poison ivY. Bathe your dog with a pet-safe shaver or degreasing agent. An e- collar may be necessary to keep your dog from chewing the area. Be sure to keep the dog on a lead as much as possible during walks and hikes to reduce exposure to poison vy. Watch your dog closely if you let him off the lead. Poison ivY may be mixed with other plant growth along trails, paths, and roads. .

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