60 Unusual Male Dog Names To Help You Find The Right One For Your Dog

(Images-5470056231-d59b25ab4098429e91b7127661a59be9. jpg) Take this opportunity to name your new male dog a unique and memorable name so it will stand out among the rest. We've got 60 unusual male names to help you start.

A Shar-Pei wearing a bowtie.

When trying to find a special name, pay attention to your particular dog's unique physical characteristics and personality traits.

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Unusual Male Dog Names Based on Human Names: Max, Charlie, Jack, Cooper, Jake, Duke. Some of the most popular male dog names are human names (such as Max,Charlie, Jack and Cooper) Animal Foods: Food-based names can be fun and different for a dogs’ name. Adam Sandler named his Bulldog meatball (a funny and unusual choice! ) for his dog meatball. History-based dogs are very rarely used as dog names. . . .

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