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(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/k-9-police dog-in-progress447545-5c89819ac9e77c0001f2ad8a. jpg) Seizure dogs are trained to assist their handler before, during, and after a seizure. Not just any dog is eligible to become a seizure dog.

K-9 Police Dog

Not all dogs who go through training will make the cut. Seizures response dogs are not always seizure alert or detection dogs. Dogs are assessed as young pups and put in an intense training program if they are deemed appropriate. Those with the right attributes begin the early phase of the program as young as eight weeks old. Seizer dogs form very close bonds with their handler. The team is more than just a dog-handling partner. It is a relationship of mutual companionship. The dogs don't have to be in work mode all the time. Once the chains are off, they know they are "off". .

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