How Do Phosphates Affect The Saltwater Aquarium? Fins Recommends Hach And Lamotte Brands As Good Choices For Your Reef Tank

Phosphate is a compound of Phosphorus. It is one of the top 14 out of 70 trace elements found in natural seawater. The normal PO4 level in the ocean is 0. 07ppm (this number is for future reference). How does phosphorus affect the saltwater aquarium? Phosphate are introduced into saltwater systems in various ways. The optimal phosphate level is an immeasurable one. Having a good, reliable phosphate test kit is important. FINS recommends the brands Hach and LaMotte as good choices. Regular maintenance and routine with water changes are always recommended for a healthy aquarium. Phosphating removing products such as Sea Chem's PhosGuard, Kent Marine's Phosphated Sponge and Two Little Fishies Phosban are good options. The "vodka method" has been found to be effective for isolating both nitrates and phosphates. . . .

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