Black Dog Syndrome: Why Are Black Dogs Ignored In Pet Adoptions?

Black dog syndrome is a phenomenon in pet adoption in which black dogs are ignored in favor of light-colored ones. The reason behind the phenomenon is not clear. Some believe it could come down to how photogenic black dogs look. Notoriously, black dogs do not photograph well. Black dog syndrome has been studied for decades. Some people think it is due to potential people associating the color black with evil. Black cats are in a similar situation and are often subject to the same phenomenon. This is also known as black cat syndrome. Others believe black cats are put in a tougher position due to the added stigma of superstition. Black cat syndrome occurs when black dogs stay in shelters longer than lighter-colored dogs. Many black dogs get killed as a result. Science has not proven or disproven the theory that black dog syndrome affects adoption rates. Adopting a black dog is a surefire way to help black dogs find forever homes. Rescuing a black cat from a shelter or rescue will make room for more animals who are ready to be saved. You can also volunteer your time to support local shelters. Get started with our guide to starting a business in the U. S. Here are details on how to start with your business. . . .

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