Fostering A Dog Can Be A Good Way To Find Out If Dog Ownership Is Right For You, But You Should Know All You Can About The Process

Fostering can be a good way to find out if dog ownership is right for you. Rescue groups often lack large facilities that can house enough homeless pets. If you cannot foster a pet, your donation will still do a lot of good. For rescue organizations, foster owners are one of their most valuable resources. Not everyone is cut out to foster a dog. Are you willing to spend the extra time necessary to take care of a foster dog? Can you be patient with that foster dog as he adapts to your home? Be sure you can find time to work on training and socialization. If your dog doesn't enjoy long days, getting a new dog might not be the best thing for you or the dog. A calm adult or senior dog might be best. Find the pet adoption organization you want to work with and contact them about their foster program. Check out Petfinder and search by city, zip code, or group name. When you're ready to learn more or sign up, contact the organization. They will then decide what happens next. Before adopting a new pet, you should learn all you can about the dog and its owner. Here are some questions you should ask with the rescue organization before you take the dog in. How long does the rescue group expect me to foster this dog? Who pays for dog food, pet supplies and veterinary care? Who handles potential buyers and screens potential buyers? Make sure your new foster pet has a safe and secure area where he can retreat if needed. Be firm and consistent, yet gentle. Start training right away on basic commands with small, short training sessions so your foster dog can learn new words and adjust more easily. Some foster dogs have anxiety and fear, especially if they have never lived indoors in a home environment. You can avoid some of this by setting rules and a routine. Most foster dogs will be adopted to forever homes. If this happens, you will feel proud of yourself for all the hard work you put in. Not all dogs will fit in with all families. That's the beauty of foster care. Many people get so attached to their foster dogs that they decide to adopt them permanently. Don't make a habit out of being a foster failure. You will find yourself drowning in dogs! The best dog pen are the ones that give your pet their own space. . . .

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