10 Golden Retriever Names That Will Make Your Dog Happy, Warm, And Loveable (And They'Re Not Just For Dogs)

Golden retrievers are loyal, friendly, intelligent dogs. Their own unique physical characteristics and personality are other factors you can consider when naming your dog. We've put together some of our favorite and some of the best-options for golden retriever names. :max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/franlaurendeauGettyImages (images-687786353-d79ebf5ab87841f886ac54f100eba5d4. jpg) Golden retrivers are a gun dog or bird dog that developed during the mid-19th century in Scotland. Golden retrievers were good swimmers.

A Golden Retreiver with a Goofy Grin upside down on a bed

They were bred for collecting waterfowl during a hunt. Take a look at these popular favorites for male goldens.

A happy Golden Retriever running

A to Z Golden Retriever Names for Big Dogs. . . .

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