Irish Setters, Gordon Setters, English Setters, And Irish Red And White Setters Thrive In The Field And At Home

Irish setter, Gordon setter and Irish red and white setter are four excellent dogs that thrive in the field and at home. The Setter breeds gained their name and fame as hunting dogs for their tendency to drop down. The red setter was originally developed in Ireland as a steady and capable birding dog. Many Irish setter display a drive to please their owners. They quickly take to fieldwork.

Irish setter in a field

The Gordon Setter is the largest of the setter breeds. The dog can trace its roots back to northern Scotland. The United Kennel Club first recognized the breed in 1872. The breed has a family-friendly disposition. However, it does have a strong protective instinct :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/Irishredandwhitesetter-22b779b2a0b004035a6e7aefe22ce547a.

Gordon setter sitting in grass

jpg) The English setter is believed to have descended from a cross of pointer and spaniel breeds. It has been developed to be an excellent player in setting and retrieving game birds. English setters often show a strong desire to bond with their families. They also need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. .

English setter carrying a stick

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