Dumeril'S Monitor Diet: Mice, Crabs, Crickets, Roaches, And More

Dumeril's monitor is a popular pet for experienced reptile owners. They are known for their dramatic color changes from babies to adults. They can grow to be up to 5 feet long. They're popular with experienced reptilian owners, especially those who have had other smaller pet monitors. Some Dumeril’s monitor owners feel the lighting is good for their lizards, while others see no need for the bulb. If you choose to provide the light, just make sure you keep it on for a 10 to 12 hour cycle (just like you do with any other white/visible light) Dumerill's Monitor Diet: Mice, Crab, Crickets, roaches, and more. In the wild most Dumerils mainly eat sand, but many captive Dumerila's live mostly off mice and rats. It is best to vary the diet while your monitor is still young and healthy. . . .

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