Should Your Dog Be Allowed On Your Furniture? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know To Keep Your Dog From Getting On Your Furniture

Is it okay to let your dog sleep in your bed? Should dogs be allowed on furniture at all? Many dog owners have these questions. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide the rules of your household. You must stand firm. Here is some info to help you decide. Despite what some people believe, allowing your dog on the furniture will not make him think he is in charge. Be careful not to inadvertently reinforce certain behaviors. You will be sending the wrong message. Many owners only allow their dogs on furniture when they are invited. Some people are concerned about the potential for spread of disease. There are a few diseases that are considered zoonotic. These diseases can be transmitted to humans from animals. If you keep your dog healthy, the risk is very minimal. Keep your dog clean with an occasional bath as needed. Some owners prefer to keep their dogs off the furniture as a household rule. Even a dog that is allowed to sleep on furniture should have his own special spot, like a dog bed and/or a crate (ideally both). Some basic training is necessary to keep the dog from getting on furniture. . . .

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