Settled Senior Dog: How To Find The Best Home For Your Old Dog (And Your Puppy)

The Settled Senior Dog is a dog that has been house trained and evaluated for compatibility with other animals and children. Most dogs don't earn the "settled senior" title until they are nine years or older. This is especially true for smaller dogs that mature slower than larger breeds. Older dogs are hard to adopt out because they are likely to die in a year or two. A senior dog may have age-related issues that could be either time-consuming (sight or hearing loss) or expensive. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but undoing behavior is harder.

Old dog smiling outside

Adult dogs in shelters and rescues are mostly house trained, if not completely. Most adopted adult dogs seem to know they have found a good life and are reluctant to leave it. From one to three years of age is the most discouraging period for dog owners. Consistency and supervision are the most important.

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:max _bytes(150000):stripedicc()/puppy-running-in-the-garden-866104216-5c2049a646e0fb0001726b53. jpg) Adolescent dogs will push their boundaries and constantly try to get away with things. It takes a stern leader to get through the adolescent stage, but once you do, the rest is pretty much smooth sailing. You will need to invest a little more money first on your dog's veterinary care. . .

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