Cadaver Dogs Are Trained To Pick Up The Scent Of Human Remains

Cadaver dogs are trained to pick up the scent of human remains. They are 95 percent effective at picking up the scents of human decomposition. Law enforcement groups rely on a cadaver dog to help solve crimes where a body is suspected. Cadaver Dogs are often used in conjunction with search and rescue dogs. Dogs have about 200 million olfactory receptors in their nose. This makes their sense of smell about 40 times greater than that of the average human. This allows them to find everything from bombs, drugs, and living and dead human flesh to certain diseases. German Shepherds, which are a common breed of cadavers dog, have 225 million odour receptors. They can also identify crime scenes even if the body has been moved. The dogs can tell the difference between human remains and animal remains. It can also lead search teams to where the body was relocated. . . .

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