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(Images-152516027-9a2728afb1f34d3ea4463cd68aa78958. jpg) Dogs and royalty have a long history together. Salukis lived in the pharaoh's palace in ancient Egypt.

A Dachshund wearing a tiara

Akitas were the royal dog of imperial Japan. Several dynasties of Chinese emperors preferred shih tzus. A solid, classic name has more staying power than funny, trending names.

A Pomeranian with a little Crown over its ear

Royal titles and the names of former kings and emperors can inspire many names for your pampered male pooch. Take a look at some beautiful female names. If you prefer a strong name for your dog, look for something that says "Beware of dog," or is tongue-in-cheek. These female dog names refer to goddesses, powerful women in history, and fictional heroines who inspire great things. Check out: Best names for Golden Retrievers:.

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