The Most Popular Literary Dog Names In The United States: A Survey By Bark, Barkbox, Super Chewer, And Barkbox (Among Others)

The Most Popular Literary Dog Names in the United States . A survey by BARK, BarkBox and Super Chewer found the most popular dog names. With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect nickname, no matter her breed, size or personality. . Tips for Naming your new dog include Bella, Luna, Marley and Winnie the Pooh. Pick a name that's meaningful and one that you and your family members will love for years to come. Here are some more helpful advice for your family's name game. Don't name your dog after a famous female character in a book, movie or TV show. Pick names that are one to two syllables long and have hard consonants. Be sure to call your dog "puppy" or "Puppy dog" if you don't know what it means. Dog names for male dogs are inspired by classic authors. Some of the names include Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, Milo from Catch-22 and Watson from Sherlock Holmes. There are also names for female dogs inspired by Hemingway, Huxley and Shelley. Whether you want to honor a favorite book from childhood or your kids' favorite books, popular children's books are jam-packed with a lot of fun, quirky names for your future dog. Dog Names from Children's Books: Amelia (Amelia Bedelia), Bear (Little Bear). . .

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