Lettuce Is Safe For Dogs? Lettuce Is Typically A Safe Option For Dogs Because It Contains Up To 90% Water, But It Can Be Toxic To Your Pet

Is Lettuce Safe for Dogs? Lettuces is a safe option for dogs because it contains up to 90% water. Lettucine needs to be offered in moderation to avoid gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea in your pet. Because of its high fiber content, lettuce can also be harder for dogs to digest when put in larger pieces. This is because of oxalic acid, which can hinder the body’s ability to digest calcium and even lead to kidney damage. Another leafy green that contains potentially harmful natural compounds is kale. It is linked to dogs developing kidney and bladder stones. Salads are often chock full of other ingredients, like onion and walnuts, that can be toxic to your dog. Please consult your veterinary doctor before eating lettuce or any other vegetable. Some vegetables and plants that your dog should never eat are onion, garlic, or chives because they can cause red blood cell damage. Rhubarb because it can cause tremors or kidney failure; mushrooms because certain varieties can be poisonous. . . .

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