Best Invisible Dog Fence Installation Companies

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/BestInvisibleDogFenceInstallationCompanies-final-630156f9271640d1b309b0cceda12710. jpg) An invisible fence provides the security you need to let your dog run and play. It’s possible to set up your own invisible fence.

Best Invisible Dog Fence Installation Companies

If you’re not fully confident in your DIY abilities, you may want to explore having one professionally installed. DogWatch is a national invisible dog fence company. It has been in business since 1990. The company works with local dealers across the United States to install invisible fences for your pet. All of the company's invisible fences are easily adjustable.


You can change the settings to suit your pet's needs. Every purchase comes with certified training to make sure your pet knows how to use the system. The invisible fence is a safe way to keep your dog and cat safe at home. Dog Guard is a longtime leader in invisible fencing. The brand has a 30-day guarantee of all of its products. The product's flagship product is the T-4 transmitter.

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The t-4 allows users to set “dual zones” for your dog. The device comes with a training session that uses positive reinforcement. Canine Guard also works with cats. It helps to keep the kitty away from off-limits areas. It costs between $900 and $2,000.

Dog Guard

DIY options start at around $200. Most companies will not provide pricing without consultation. A static correction and unpleasant tone usually warn your pet to stay away from a barrier. Without training, your dog could run through the barrier. Invisible fences are safe for pets. They do not send a small shock or correction to your dog's collar when it approaches a barrier .

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With adequate training, an invisible fence can be a healthy option for keeping your dog or cat safe. We decided our picks for the best dog fence installation companies. . . .

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