Top 10 Dog Names For A Dog Of The World'S Most Popular Dog Breeds: Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Some Yorkies can be diva-pink pooches, while others can be rough-and-tumble dogs. Here are some of the best names for one of these world's most popular dogs. Tips for Naming your Yorkie: Consider your dog's physical appearance, personality and personality. Yorkies tend to have big, bold personalities. It's important to give them a name that matches. There are a few logistics decisions when naming a new dog. Yorkie names have a reputation as being "diva dogs," but these rough, rough boy names are anything but. These names are inspired by some of America's most famous Yorkies from pop culture history. New Yorkies have appeared in books, movies, and TV shows. Most Yorkies clock in between 5 and 7 pounds fully grown. They look like Chewbacca from Star Wars. Looking for more dog naming inspiration? Check out these round-ups: 15 new names for Toy Dogs, 15 classic names that work for any dog, and 74 celebrity dog names. For more dog name inspiration, check out our other dog naming advice round-up. . . .

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