Eating People Food For Your Puppy Is Bad For You And Your Pet'S Health

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/people-food-for-puppies-2804770-01-fe2fe95e74f347a696377c4c02b5330d. jpg) It's fun to treat your dog, but people food is not the best for them. A fat dog may be nice, but it isn’t healthy, and obesity can lead to a shorter lifespan as an adult.

Black and white puppy eating people food out of owner's hand

Two years of longer life can be built on keeping your dog lean as he grows into an adult dog. Table scraps should never make up more than 10 percent of the animal's daily calories. Empower guests so Grandma doesn't sneak a treat to your dog. Lean meat such as turkeys, chicken, and lean beef are good. Avoid ham as it may be too rich for a dog's digestion. Cooked or raw vegetables such as asparagus, celeriacs, and asparparagus can be great treats. Some people food can be poisonous for dogs. .

Lean meat cubes on dog food with black and white puppy looking at metal bowl

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