Feeding Raw Chicken To Your Dog Is Not Always Safe, But It'S A Good Choice If You Do It For Your Pet: Food Safety & Health News

Raw chicken is 100% natural, unprocessed meat. Some people think offering raw chicken in this form is healthier than feeding cooked chicken. Feeding raw chicken to a dog carries risks. Most people choose to play it safe when it comes to their pets. It's not accurate to say that it's always safe. Risks of feeding raw chicken with your dog include Salmonella infection. The bacteria can be found in the intestines or feces of animals. It is not safe to eat them. If your dog has a poor immune system, ignoring the infection can be fatal. Eating raw chicken can cause obstructions in the stomach or intestinal tract. Bones can puncture internal organs, get stuck in the mouth or throat, and break teeth. Removing bones in raw chicken will remove this risk to the dog. Raw chicken is about 80% protein, provides no carbohydrates or sugar, and provides some potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B12. Dogs who have severe food allergies or sensitivities don't have to worry about consuming food they shouldn't if their diet consists of raw chicken. . . .

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