How To Keep Your Puppy Safe From Heatstroke In A Hot Car: Https://Www

Puppies can’t sweat to cool off. Panting gives a rapid exchange of cool outside air, and evaporation from the tongue keeps dog temperature normal. On a 78-degree day, a shaded car reaches temperatures of 90 F. If parked in the sun, it will reach 160 F in minutes. When body temperatures go above 106 F, the pet’s gums become pale. It acts dizzy, bleeds from the nose or mouth, has bloody vomiting and diarrhea, and eventually becomes comatose. For mild heatstroke, bring your dog into an air-conditioned space and turn on a fan. It is even better to prevent heatstroke in pets by providing a lot of cool water and keeping pets inside. Never leave pets unattended in hot cars. . . .

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