How To Make Your Dog'S Introduction With A Newborn Go Smoothly

There are ways to make the introduction between your dog and newborn go smoothly. None of these techniques are hard, but be patient and consistent with your dog. By the time you bring your newborn home, your dog should be familiar with the scent. Let the dog have some time to say goodbye before bringing the baby into the room. Take the dog for a walk or playtime before bringing a baby in. Many dogs behave badly when a new baby is brought home. They get stressed at all the changes taking place in the house. Often, the dog needs some direction from you to learn how to be well-behaved around an infant. Never leave a baby unattended in a room with the dog. Be sure to give your dog time. If your dog seems to be aggressive towards you or the baby, speak to your vet as soon as possible. be sure to keep some tasty treats on hand for the first few days. . . .

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