How To Choose A Good Name For Your New Toy Dog (And It'S Not A Bad One At All) From The Bbc'S List Of The Best

It can be a challenge to come up with a good name for your new family member. You want to pick something that all family members agree on, and something that won't cause trouble or trouble for anyone. Here are some ideas for toy dog pet names. Tich, without the extra 't', was also the name of a famous military service dog. A good choice if you want your dog to be associated with excellence. Bijou is a French word that means something small and elegant. Tinkerbell is a feisty princess from Peter Pan stories. If you want to go with a touch of irony, why not name your small dog after a big animal? Sohwakhaeng means 'small but certain happiness' in Korean. It is a term that is trending at the moment. Xena is the name for the Chihuahua. It was owned by Elle in Legally Blonde. Daisy is a popular name for humans and dogs alike. The Etruscan Shrew weighs only 1. 8g, on average. They are said to represent pure innocence and innocence. Wyche is a unisex name for a small dog. Rocky is a confident and spunky little dog that forgets his size. It often appeals to owners of rescue dogs. Arrietty Clock is the main character in the book the Borrowers. Boudica is a female Celtic Leader who led an uprising against the Romans. Don't keep it short: it can get tiresome calling out a long name. Be pronounceable: it could be confusing for your dog when others call them by the wrong name. Don't be decisive: It is okay to change it after a few days. It's not fair or sensible to keep cutting and changing or renaming your dog. . . .

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