Corn On The Cob Is Not A Safe Treat For Dogs, But It'S Best To Prepare Your Pet For It Just In Case: Veterinary News: Https://Www

Some people think corn on the cob is a safe treat for dogs. This is not actually the case. Feeding corn on a cob to dogs may lead to gastrointestinal obstruction from ingesting the cob. This can still be an issue for large breeds. Too many dogs will gulp a whole corn cob or eat large pieces of cob. It can lead to a gastrointestinal injury or obstruction. The risk of gastrointestinal injury is highest in small and medium dogs. Also, corn cobs can be dangerous. Most dogs with GI obstruction will show several signs. If you think your dog has swallowed a corn cob, contact your doctor. Not all dogs will develop problems after eating corn cocks. It's best to prepare for it just in case. When disposing of corn coves, don't leave them in a garbage can that your dog can access. Corn is safe for dogs to eat in moderate amounts as long as the dog is not allergic to corn. Never add salt, fat, or other seasoning to corn or corn. Be sure to remember that dog treats should never make more than 10% of your dog's primary diet, corn included. . . .

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